Holidays a Plumber’s Busiest Time of Year

Plumbing Santa

These days, plumbers are in high demand. While the need for plumbers has remained steady over the years the workforce is shrinking. That keeps a plumber’s schedule really busy most weeks.

But their workload goes into overdrive during the holiday season.

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas often put more stress on a home’s sewage, drainage and plumbing systems. When families get together to eat, more guests than usual use toilets and showers. This puts strain on the bathroom. This becomes even more problematic when paper towels and wipes are flushed.

In the kitchen, hosts throw food and oils down the drain. Food scraps like potato skins and fatty oils can clog up a system. The oils solidify causing a major blockage. Plumbers recommend turning on the disposal before throwing in food waste to make sure it’s cleared away.

For many plumbers, the busiest day of the year is Black Friday. It’s so busy that plumbers at Roto-Rooter call it “Brown Friday” because of all the dirty water and backup they see.

Stressed homeowners with plumbing problems bombard plumber hotlines. On Black Friday, Roto-Rooter says calls increase by 50-percent compared to a regular Friday. They get the same amount of jobs in a day that they’d normally do in a week.

To cut down on your holiday stress, remind your clients of these do’s and don’ts:

  • Do not flush non-dissolvable solids like wipes, cotton balls
  • Keep the garbage disposal running when scrapping food in the sink
  • Do loads of laundry in 30-minute intervals to avoid stress
  • Avoid pouring oils down the drain. Utilize garbage cans as much as possible.

The plumbing industry is constantly changing with new problems every day. Getting licensed and maintaining your licensure is the best way to stay ahead of the game. Online education is a convenient way to stay on top of things, with courses in drainage, fixtures, project management and more. Expand your knowledge base while you earn continuing education credits!

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