Plumber Frees Cat Stuck in Toilet

Kitten in Toilet

Every day is different for plumbers. With an ever-changing industry and new tasks in every home or business, plumbers enjoy a variety of challenges. Some challenges are more unique than others. Like when one plumber got the call to help a homeowner free their new kitten from the toilet.

The homeowner in News Brunswick, Canada adopted a small black kitten and less than two days later, the curious cutie found its way into a tiny hole at the base of an American Standard toilet. Its head was lodged into the hole and wouldn’t come out the other way.

The plumber had to uninstall the toilet and lift it up from the ground. That way, the vet and firefighter had closer access to the small cat. Then, the veterinarian sedated the cat. Using lubricant, the team removed him from the toilet. Together, a plumber, firefighter and veterinarian were able to free the little one who emerged unscathed. The cat’s owner captured the incident in a seven-minute video that’s gained more than 3,000 views on YouTube.

At the end of the clip, the owner playfully asks what to name the little kitten. Some YouTube users suggested “Nosey”, “Turd”, “Flusher”, and “Stan” like the brand of the toilet, American Standard. Ultimately, the owner named the cat Spirit, because he emerged with high spirits the morning after the incident.

The cat could have been paralyzed or even have died without proper care and speedy work from a trained team. Thanks to the quick and efficient action of the plumber, the team was able to extract the kitty from its trap.

Because of the shifting industry and unpredictable challenges, plumbers need to be on their game at all times. The best way to do this is to stay up-to-date by completing online education courses. To see more, click here.

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