Thinking of Becoming a Michigan Licensed Plumber?

Get A Michigan Plumbing License

Here are a few facts that may interest to you.

  • Michigan Plumbers earn an average hourly wage of $28.47 with a typical starting wage of $15.44 up to $39.93.
  • The average yearly salary is approximately $59,220.00. You can expect to earn a starting wage of $32,110 and could make up to A$80,970. Your earning potential will depend upon a variety of factors such as experience, level of education, company size and location as well as the individual owners.
  • Apprentice plumbers who are just beginning their careers typically make at least 30 to 50% less than a fully trained Journeyman or Master Plumber. The training is part of their salary and their focus should be on getting a plumbing education, master necessary skills, advance to Journeyman and get their plumbing license. (Click here to learn more about becoming a licensed Journeyman or Master Plumber.)
  • Journeyman plumbers (with a few years of experience) can expect to earn approximately $50,000 per year which is the nationwide average wage.
  • Master Plumbers have the highest earning potential and the most flexibility in their work. Master Plumbers earn well in excess of $100,000 per year.
  • When it comes to salary satisfaction, plumbers rank above average with a 61% satisfaction rate.
  • Over the next ten years, it is expected that the number of plumbers will increase by 15.6 percent. A shortage of qualified licensed plumbers has created numerous employment opportunities in the construction industry as well as those in building renovation. Plumbers with welding experience will increase their employment prospects as their skills will be necessary to meet the demand for additional plumbing and pipefitting contractors.

Now is the time to consider a career in the plumbing industry, become licensed, and take advantage of the increasing demand for skilled tradesmen. Plumbers Training Institute has exactly what you need to become a licensed Journeyman or Master plumber in Michigan. Their Journeyman and Master Plumber Exam Prep courses are designed to help you take and pass that exam!  Convenient online courses and course and book packages are created by Plumbers for Plumbers and a team of licensing professionals is there to help you every step of the way. Courses are available online 24/7 and accessible from any computer or mobile device. YOU CHOOSE when, where and how long you wish to study. Stop and start as often as necessary until you are ready to schedule and take your plumbers exam. Team pricing is also available for companies who wish to advance their current employees to the next level. The more training you purchase, the more you save.

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