Are You Our Next Plumbing Instructor?


We are currently in search of instructors with experience in UPC Code and Fire Sprinkler Systems.
Fill out the form to the left or call 1-800-727-7104 for more information.

Plumbers Training Institute is looking for a Master Plumber to join our successful online plumbing exam prep training & continuing education department. Online training is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, with more individuals and businesses choosing courses that will fit their busy schedules. This is a significant opportunity for a talented plumbing instructor.

The qualified candidate will have extensive knowledge of plumbing codes and their practical applications. Only licensed Master Plumbers or Plumbing Inspectors need to apply. Strong communication skills are a must. Having prior teaching/ presentational experience is recommended. All of our instructors are responsible for creating their own course content. This is not a full-time position. It is a project-based program that can be completed in parallel with your current career.

Training Topics to be covered are:

  • UPC Code
  • Fire Sprinkler

Instructors are expected to:

  • Have course materials created or materials they are legally allowed to use
  • Be able to speak on the subject with ease
  • Be comfortable with the audio/video production environment
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Task-oriented mentality

Plumbers Training Institute is a proven leader in online license and certification training. Our school has been providing trades-based training since 1999 and currently offers nationwide HD video courses for contractors, architects, real estate salespeople and brokers, plumbers, engineers, and agricultural workers. All of our courses are created by industry leaders and tailored to the specific needs of the licensees. From pre-license and exam prep training to help folks start their careers to interesting, modern continuing education or business development programs for established trade professionals.

As an instructor for our school, you will gain national recognition as an expert in your field, as well as a new consistent revenue stream that can last for years or even decades. Many of our instructors began teaching at community colleges, conference centers, hotels or VFW halls and now their courses are available nationwide at the click of a button. This is the highest time to value project you may ever take on. Don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by!

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