Increase in Plumbers, Tradesman Could Benefit Southern West Virginia

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Southern West Virginia is coal mining country, but a decrease in demand for coal coupled with increasing job automation has sapped the area of economic prosperity. Politicians and experts are now trying to revive the communities once lush with hope and business.  Some community leaders suggest focusing on increasing the number of skilled tradesman in the area, like electricians and plumbers.

“The more kids that can read by the fourth grade, the more likely they are to graduate from high school,” said United Way of Southern West Virginia, Michelle Rotellini to the West Virginia News. “We need plumbers and electricians and heavy equipment operators. These are trades that aren’t as popular as they were at one time, but they are needed.”

The demand for plumbers is constant, but the number of qualified plumbers has been steadily decreasing. A generation of Baby Boomer plumbers is slowly leaving the workforce, but not enough new plumbers are entering. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the field will grow “much faster than average” in the next seven years, predicting a 16 percent increase until 2026.

A plumber’s median pay is much higher than the average American wage. In 2017, the average plumber brought in $52,590 a year. That same year, the average American brought in just $37,690.

These days, aspiring plumbers don’t have to go far to get quality education and training. In fact, courses are available online and from the comfort of your home to help you prepare for the West Virginia exam.

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