Tennessee Has Country’s Fourth Most Pipe Bursts


According to new data from State Farm, the Volunteer State was in the top five states nationally for most pipe burst claims. Tennessee residents filed more than 800 claims in 2018, each one averaged more than $19,000!

Pipe bursts are an expensive and cumbersome problem for any home owner and require thorough and high quality treatment. Pipes burst when temperatures drop below freezing and water expands causing pressure to build up and rupture the pipe.

The best defense against this winter hazard is prevention. When the mercury dips below freezing, some advise keeping faucets at a steady drip overnight, and maintaining heat around 55 degrees when leaving for an extended period of time.

Often times, freezing happens when pipes parallel exterior walls and they feel a draft. Insufficient insulation can also be a culprit when a house is remodeled. In any event, when a pipe freezes, many experts advise opening up the faucets to relieve that pressure.

Educated plumbers can identify the areas that are frozen and use special equipment to thaw them safely. Never allow a homeowner to use a torch or flame to do it themselves. If it’s already too late and a pipe has burst, home owners often need to recruit a skilled restoration specialist along with a plumber.

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