Danish Company Unveils Female Urinal


 Women can watch the world while spending a penny. Photograph: Lapee

Any woman who has ever been to a stadium sporting event or outdoor festival knows the struggle of waiting forever in long lines to use the bathroom while nearby men’s rooms have no queues and users can get in and get out quickly.

A recent report from the Royal Society for Public Health says the world needs more toilets for women. Now, a Danish company thinks they have a solution to even the playing field: female urinals.

The design concept is based on a simple observation every woman knows: women’s restrooms always have long lines, in fact, 90% of bathroom lines worldwide are women that need to pee.

The Lapee female urinal says their product gets women in and out in about 90 seconds, versus the three minutes it takes to use a toilet. Lapee’s website says it is “designed to provide cover for women peeing whereas standing men would be exposed. The height of the urinal brings privacy but also empowers women peeing, her eyesight is the same level as a standing man.”

The urinal unit is shaped like a boat propeller from a bird’s eye view and has three spaces for women and no doors. Its creator, Gina Perier, says it’s the female version of a product that has helped men for decades and allows women the same efficiency, safety and hygiene.

To see the urinal, visit https://www.lapee.dk/


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