Texas Governor Saves Plumbing Regulatory Agency

Texas Governor Saves Plumbing Regulatory Agency

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order that will protect and preserve the State Board of Plumbing Examiners. The agency was in jeopardy of being abolished by the state legislature earlier this summer, when legislators failed to protect it from being dissolved. Some believed its existence was no longer justifiable, even though the board is responsible for issuing and renewing plumbing licenses in Texas.

Congressmen wanted to put plumbers under the regulation authority of another state department and many industry leaders resisted this action. The agency was set to be abolished by September 1, 2019, until Gov. Abbott took action.Gov. Abbott said last month that the board plays a significant role in the health and recovery of the state following Hurricane Harvey.

“To fulfill the demands for rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey and keeping Texas prepared and able to recover from future disasters, it is necessary to continue the [State Board Of Plumbing Examiners] to perform its indispensable role in protecting Texans,” said Abbott in a press release.

Gov. Abbott renewed the agency’s authority for another two years.


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