Wisconsin Plumbers Accidentally Light Apartment on Fire During Maintenance Visit

A routine plumbing appointment turned devastating in Madison, Wisconsin, after workers set an apartment complex on fire. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that plumbers were working on a second floor bathroom and using a torch to make adjustments to the pipes. That’s when they noticed the wall smoking and called 911. The fire spread up the wall and into an attic.

No one was injured in the fire, but all the residents were evacuated from the premises. The Journal reports the fire caused $35,000 in damage. The Red Cross was on hand to help residents find a temporary place to stay while the utility worked on restoring power.

While emergencies like this are very rare, plumbing-related-fires happen more often than you’d think. Every winter, it seems like there are multiple people who use blow torches to thaw frozen pipes. In Tennessee, a man burned his entire house down while heating up a pipe.


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