Should You Become An Idaho Plumber? Part 2: Training & Exams

Should You Become An Idaho Plumber Part 2 Training & Exams

This is part 2 of our series on becoming a plumber Idaho. Read Part 1: Salary or Part 3: Career.

Most of the training required to move through the stages of plumbing licensure is done on the job. Each section below details the training and education necessary to move from apprentice to journeyman to plumbing contractor.

Step 1: Apprenticeship
To qualify as an apprentice plumber you must be at least 16 years old, submit a completed and notarized application, and pay a $50 non-refundable license registration fee. As a plumbing apprentice,  you must complete a Plumbing Board approved course of instruction for four years to be eligible to become a journeyman.  You must score at least 70% in each course to pass.

Courses are available at

  • College of Southern Idaho (800) 680-0274
  • College of Western Idaho (208) 562-3000
  • Eastern Idaho Technical College (800) 662-0261
  • Idaho State University (208) 282-3372
  • Lewis Clark State College (208) 792-2442
  • North Idaho College (208) 769-3214
  • Treasure Valley Community College (541) 881-5755
  • Boise Plumbing JATC* (208) 288-1296
  • Pocatello Plumbing JATC* (208) 232-6806

Step 2: Journeyman

Before you can become a journeyman in Idaho, you must work as an apprentice for four years and accumulate 8,000 hours of work time and you must complete the required plumbing courses mentioned above. You will also need to pass two exams. The written exam can be completed before you finish 8,000 hours of work experience although you are not eligible to become a journeyman until the working requirement is met. You will have four hours to pass this exam. The practical exam can be provided on a job-in-progress or in a lab setting – you must be able to complete the work with no violations.

Study for the plumbing exams online in HD video.

Step 3: Plumbing Contractor

To qualify for a plumbing contractor license you must complete two and a half years as a licensed working journeyman plumber. Once your application has been excepted you can apply for the contractor examination. The exams lasts for four hours, covers Chapters 5-12 from the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code and Business/Law.

Study the Uniform Plumbing Code, sizing, and statues and rules online in HD video.

What careers are available to a licensed plumber? Read Part 3 to find out!


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