Should You Become An Idaho Plumber? Part 3: Career

This is part 3 of our series on becoming a plumber Idaho. Read Part 1: Salary or Part 2: Training.

Even if you decide hands-on plumbing is not for you, you will gain valuable, real world experience in a working environment to add to your resume. There are several jobs related to your apprenticeship.

  1. Plumbing Technician/Journeyman/Master/Business Owner – This one is the most direct plumbing career path. Once you complete your apprenticeship you are well on your way to becoming a licensed plumber. You can continue to upgrade your license by completing the necessary work requirements and passing the appropriate exams until you are able to own your plumbing business. Wages vary drastically as a business owner because your income depends on several factors – how many employees you have, what benefits are offered, how busy your area is, ect.
    Average Yearly Wage: $80,000 per year
  2. Pipefitter – If you’d like to take a more specialized approach to your training you can become a pipefitter.  Pipefitters perform maintenance and installation of piping power at industrial plants.
    Average Yearly Wage: $52,623
    High-end Yearly Wage: $76,651. (
  3. Steamfitter – Job requirements for steamfitters are very similar to pipefitters except you will have to complete additional training to become a certified steamfitter. The most common task for steamfitters is installing pipes for transportation of high-pressure gas materials.
    Average Yearly Wage: $52,990
    High-end Yearly Wage: $77,062. (
  4. Gas Service Technician – With specialized equipment, gas service technicians make sure gas is delivering in all the correct locations of a building/job site.
    Average Yearly Wage: $60,381
    High-End Yearly Wage: $131,000 (
  5. Project Manager – Project managers are responsible for the planning an implantation of plumbing projects, supervising plumbers on the job, and allocating resouces. You will have to complete special training courses and pick up some management skills.
    Average Yearly Wage: $65,210
    High-End Yearly Wage:$96,000 (


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