Should Your Business Be Providing Sanitation Services?

With the current COVID-19 crisis, business owners and homeowners alike are thinking beyond the normal scope of cleaning. Rather than just cleaning indoor surfaces, doorknobs, and hands, people are having sidewalks, playground equipment, and building exteriors deep cleaned. Outdoor cleaning is an often overlooked but incredibly important measure in keeping the spread of bacteria and viruses as bay.

Where does COV-19 live outside?

A recent New England Journal of Medicine study found coronavirus can remain

  • in the air for three hours, on copper for four hours,
  • on cardboard for 24 hours,
  • on plastic for 72 hours,
  • on steel for 72 hours

A recent CDC study found that coronavirus can be transferred by shoes, meaning one person can track coronavirus across an entire city, on their feet!

How can plumbers help?

Many plumbers are using hot-water jetting equipment to spray bleach/sanitizing detergent and hot water on outdoor surfaces. The combination of the jet-stream, hot water and sanitizing solution breaks down proteins and cleans away the virus. Hydro-jetting equipment could be a good investment for your company now and in the future. If demand for outdoor cleaning subsides after the COVID-19, you can use the equipment for dissolving clogs.

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