3 Ways To Improve Your Business During Your Downtime

Your company may or may not be slowing down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Either way, there are several things you can do to expand your business during this period while most people have no shortage of downtime.

  1. Hire, Hire, Hire
    I know this might seem counter-intuitive. Your work is slow, why would you hire? We all know that hiring has been a major problem across the trades for the past two decades, and people now are particularly eager for work. You should be looking for plumbers and administrators. Think of it this way–right now you can hire without competing with other businesses.
  2. Get Training Out of the Way
    Now is the time to getting your team’s training out of the way. If you have a plumber on your team that needs continuing education for this licensing cycle, why not have them take it now? It is also an excellent time for your apprentices to start studying for the journeyman exam. Online continuing education and exam prep programs allow your employees to complete their education from the comfort and safety of home. Plumbers Training Institute offers business accounts that will save you time and money on training. Call to learn more: 800-727-7104
  3. Engage with Customers on Social Media
    You should use this time to build a relationship with potential customers in your area. Guess where you will find them right now? That is right, social media.  Since your customers are spending a lot of time on social media, you should be there too. Engage with people in your community. If you are doing anything to help with the crisis, make sure they know. The relationships you build now will turn into jobs later.

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