Household Plumbing Systems Under Stress with More People at Home

Toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs are getting a lot more use with everyone stuck at home.

WJBF News talked to Drain Surgeon Plumbing, and plumber Kevin Coleman says their team has had to snake out a lot of drains being filled with non-flushable items. Those items are also ending up inside sewage treatment facilities where it’s clogging up even more systems. Even items that are supposed to be flushed, like regular toilet paper, can sometimes cause problems because people are simply using more of it.

Georgia Pacific has been cited as saying households are using 40% more material while they’re all home during quarantine.

While some of these new challenges are creating plumbing issues, some plumbers say certain families are waiting out any repairs. Some don’t have the funds to afford a fix because of the massive unemployment numbers, others, don’t want strangers entering their houses because of the risk of coronavirus spread.

The Sentinel in Pennsylvania says local plumbers have been responding to many calls that are either emergencies or extremely urgent, while more routine maintenance and fixes have been put off.

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