Who needs to be licensed for plumbing in New Mexico?

Plumbing work must be performed by, or under the supervision of, someone who has a journeyman certificate for the classification of work being performed. Therefore, even if you have a contractor’s license in one or more of those classifications, you must also be, or employ, a certified journeyman to perform the work.

What are the types of plumbing licenses available in New Mexico?

JP Journeyman plumber
JPG Journeyman plumber and natural gas fitter

How do I get my Journeyman Plumbing license in New Mexico?

Step by step instructions https://public.psiexams.com/pdf/CID_JNYA.pdf

What code is the New Mexico plumbing test based on?

2015 Uniform Plumbing Code

What are the examination fees for a Journeyman plumbers’ license in New Mexico?

Application fee $75 per classification
Journeyman Plumber Written Exam $68.88
Journeyman Plumber Practical Exam $68.88

What does your New Mexico plumber exam prep cover?

This exam prep will cover all the standard plumbing information from the latest edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code.

What can I expect from the New Mexico journeyman plumbing exam?

70 Questions, 185 Minutes

Drainage Waste and Vents 21
Water Supply Systems 6
Backflow Prevention 4
Storm Drainage Systems 4
Plumbing Fixtures, Including Water Heaters and Accessibility 8
General Knowledge and General Regulations 10
Interceptors and Traps 4
Isometric Analysis 5
Hydronics 4
Septic and Sewer 4

There is also a practical Exam worth 100 points. You will have 120 minutes to complete.

Is the New Mexico plumber exam open book?

Yes, you are able to bring the following books into the exam with you.
New Mexico Plumbing Code (NMAC 14.8.2),2015
Uniform Plumbing Code 2015
New Mexico Mechanical Code 2015
IPT’s Pipe Trades Handbook, Robert A. Lee, 1991
Uniform Mechanical Code 2015

What should I bring to the New Mexico plumber exams?

Reference materials containing any writing will not be allowed into the examination. References may not be written in during the examination session. Any candidate caught writing in the references during the examination will have the references confiscated and will be reported to the department. Furthermore, candidates are not permitted to bring in any additional papers (loose or attached) with their approved references. Any additional materials will be removed from the references and confiscated. References may be tabbed/indexed with permanent tabs only. Temporary tabs, such as Post-It notes, are not allowed and must be removed from the reference before the examination begins.

Where can I take the New Mexico plumber exam?

Las Cruces
Santa Fe
There are also testing locations in Colorado.

How do I know if I passed the New Mexico plumber exam?

You will know at the testing site if you pass or failed the Plumbing Exam. The results for the practical portion of the exam will take 7 business days to score.

Are there accommodations for individuals with special needs during the plumbing licensing exam?

All PSI examination centers are equipped to provide access in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and exam accommodations will be made in meeting a candidate's needs. A candidate with a disability or a candidate who would otherwise have difficulty taking the examination must follow the instructions on the Exam Accommodations Request Form at the end of this Candidate Information Bulletin.

Does New Mexico offer reciprocity for plumbing licenses?

New Mexico has reciprocal licensing agreements, for a journeyman certificate/license only, with the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Who issues New Mexico plumbing licenses?

New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department
Toney Anaya Building
2550 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Ph (505)476-4500

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Exam Bulletin  https://candidate.psiexams.com/bulletin/display_bulletin.jsp?ro=yes&actionname=83&bulletinid=205&bulletinurl=.pdf

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