W24 National Standard Master Plumber Exam Prep Course and Book Package

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This package contains:

  • W24 National Standard Master Plumber Exam Prep Course
  • Book: International Plumbing Code 2015
  • Pre-printed tabs
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  • W24 National Standard Master Plumber Exam Prep Course
  • International Plumbing Code 2015
  • Pre-printed tabs


W24 National Standard Master Plumber


Course Description

If you want to become licensed in a city, county, or state that participates with the Code Council, that jurisdiction will require you to take and pass a Code Council examination that is based on the International Plumbing Code.

This easy to follow video training program will walk you through the IPC, highlighting the most important sections, and providing you with insight regarding real-life situations that you encounter every day. This course will teach you how to find answers quickly and efficiently in the code book, which is crucial for passing the exam. The course also includes a Plumbing Math lesson to refine your math skills, and a Master Isometric drawing lesson that demonstates how to draw plumbing lines on a floor plan.


1. About the Exam

  • Reading and Understanding the Exam Bulletin
  • Books That You Should Have During the Exam
  • Effective Study Techniques

2. Introduction

3. IPC Chapter 1 Administration, Scope and Intent/Purpose

4. IPC Chapter 2 – Definitions and Symbols

  • Study Techniques
  • Definitions

5. Plumbing Math

  • Constants/Conversions/Volume
  • Offsets/Slope/Practice problems

6. IPC Chapter 3 – General Regulations

7. IPC Chapter 4 – Fixtures, Faucets, and Fixture Fittings

  • Code overview
  • Practice problems

8. IPC Chapter 5 – Water Heaters

  • Overview

9. IPC Chapter 6 – Water Supply and Distribution

  • Water Distribution
  • Potable Water Supply
  • Backflow Prevention

10. IPC Chapter 7 – Sanitary Drainage

  • Drainage
  • Cleanouts
  • Fixture Units

11. IPC Chapter 8 – Indirect and Special Waste

  • Requirements

12. IPC Chapter 9 – Vents

  • Materials
  • Vent Extensions, Connections and Grades
  • Pipe Sizing, Developed Length
  • Stack Offsets, Branches
  • Fixture Vents
  • Wet Vents
  • Stack Vents
  • Circuit Vents
  • Admittance Valves

13. IPC Chapter 10 – Traps, Interceptors and Separators

  • Requirements

14. IPC Chapter 11 – Storm Drainage

  • Area, Volume and Drainage Practice Problems
  • Sizing Methods
  • Secondary Drains

15. IPC Chapter 13 – Nonpotable Water Systems

  • Reclaimed vs. Potable
  • Requirements
  • Problems

16. IPC Chapter 14 – Subsurface Landscape Irrigation Systems

  • System Design and Sizing
  • Installation

17. Appendix E

  • Sizing of Water Piping Systems
  • Friction Charts and Lengths

18. Master Isometrics

19. Practice Test

  • Hundreds of practice questions

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