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Introduction to Fire Sprinklers, Valves, and Hydraulic Calculations | Alaska Approval #17412

3 Industry Related Credit Hours | Online HD Video Course | Instructor: Karl Wiegand
This course is an introduction to the basics regarding fire sprinklers, valves and hydraulic calculations and will help students become familiar with the parts of a sprinkler assembly, the significance of sprinkler orientation, sprinkler system valves, types of systems, hydraulic calculations and water flow friction loss.

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Confined Spaces | Alaska Approval #17124

3 Industry Related Credit Hours | Online HD Video Course | Josh Francis
This course focuses on construction requirements set forth in the 29 CFR 1926 that are in place to protect employees engaged in construction activities at a worksite with one or more confined spaces such as boilers, elevators, manholes, tanks, incinerators, silos, etc.

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OSHA Safety | Alaska Approval #17126

1 Industry Related Credit Hour | Narrated Course | Instructor: Jenny MacDowell
This course is a review of the OSHA standards based on 29 CFR 1926 Safety and Health Regulations for the Construction Industry. There are the current enforecable standads for safety and health of employees in construction activities.

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Plan Reading | Alaska Approval #14079

1 Industry Related Credit Hour | Online HD Video Course | Instructor: Randy Drake
The ability to interpret plumbing blueprints and successfully install the required plumbing systems is an essential skill. This video course outlines the general layout of both residential and commercial plans, identifying and detailing schedules, legends, symbols and engineering instructions.

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Alaska Plumber Continuing Education FAQs

Yes, Alaska plumbers must complete 16-hours of continuing education including 8-hours of code and 8-hours of industry related courses each licensing cycle.

Alaska plumbers must renew their license every two-years by the anniversary of initial licensure.

  1. Take the required continuing education
  2. Submit certificates, fee, and application to the state

$200 for 2 years

The state of Alaska requires the license holder to submit their own course completion.

If the certificate has expired more than 90 days, but less than two years, you must pay a $50.00 re-application fee (total of $250.00). If your license has expired more than 2 years you are required to re-apply and re-test.

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