Author: Sara Chauvette

Stagnant Plumbing Systems After COVID-19

Commercial buildings across the United States have sat empty for weeks due to COVID-19 quarantine measures. When it is time to reopen these buildings, plumbing should be one of the first items addressed. Plumber Magazine has provided some advice about preparing dormant plumbing systems for use again which we’ve compiled for you here.

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Should Your Business Be Providing Sanitation Services?

With the current COVID-19 crisis, business owners and homeowners alike are thinking beyond the normal scope of cleaning. Rather than just cleaning indoor surfaces, doorknobs, and hands, people are having sidewalks, playground equipment, and building exteriors deep cleaned. Outdoor cleaning is an often overlooked but incredibly important measure in keeping the spread of bacteria and viruses as bay.

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The Myth Of California’s Shower & Laundry Fines

First things first, California residents will not be fined $1,000 for taking a shower and doing laundry on the same day. The controversy stems from a two laws passed in 2018, however both laws target water suppliers rather than individual residents and they do not go into effect until 2023.  The Department of Water Resources has released a statement debunking the assertion and explaining the new laws. 

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Should You Become An Idaho Plumber? Part 1: Salary

Idaho is booming. The housing market is on the upswing, unemployment is down state-wide, and new jobs are coming to the state. It only makes sense that the construction industry is growing to keep up. As people move to the area, attracted by jobs and a low cost of living, new homes and businesses need to built and plumbed. So, should you become a plumber?

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